To invite Azooid bot you can click click here or type @Azooid#8892 invite on other server where Azooid bot is already in 

Enter the command @Azooid#8892 prefix <enter prefix here> in your discord server (only those who has admin permission can use this command)

@Azooid#8892 is the bot mention like @mention and alternate prefix to your own custom prefix !

click here on  knowing how to mention someone !!

Enter the command  @Azooid#8892 log on/off this will start logging system 

click here for knowing on how to give bot appropriate permissions !

Check and give bot appropriate permission to mute someone here in mute command permissions required are Send Message , Send TTS , Attach Files , Speak  need to be given to the bot for this command to work 

To know your prefix enter @Azooid#8892 help  and you will know what your prefix is !

So you got something awesome you think should be in bot ? Excellent , we love to here all the ideas people come up with and what to see added to the bot! 
So now you that you have your idea , you suggest it somewhere right ? well our support server has a dedicated channel just for that. You'll find them below the general channels and above the bug report channel .

If commands are not working first thing first check if the bot is online click here to know on how to check if someone is online or not  or go to status to see bot is online or not.
Try @mention the bot with @Azooid#8892 help command to  check if bot is responding or not if the bot is not responding then you may wait for bit to try command or drop a message on our discord support server to let us know of the issue.